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There is much more to mixing than simply volume control.


Mixing also requires expert panning, equalizing, effects, and automation.

Only an experienced professional is up to the task of creating a hit song out with your music.

Mixing can be performed either in the studio with an engineer, or remotely, along with mastering or a la carte. 

A brief guide on how to prepare your tracks for mixing:

1 - Export your mix leaving all plugins on and save it in a folder on your computer.

      Save it as something like MyBand-MySong-143BPM.

2 - Remove all compressors, EQs, and whatever plugin you used for mixing purposes,        

     and export your session as individual audio files. 
     Remember to make sure the channels don't clip. If necessary pull the faders down.

3 - Export your files (24 bit/44.1 KHz or better) and name the tracks accordingly

     (for example MySong-guitar1.wav)  and put them in the folder.

4 - Add reference track (if necessary)

5 - Compress the folder into a .zip or .rar file and send it to  our email:

     or upload using the button below.

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