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Mastering is the final additional processing, which allows you to get a fully balanced, enriched, absolutely “polished” sound on all types of equipment track.​

Mastering is the final stage of the recording process, to polish the track, create a richer sound, and ensure it can be played on a wide range of playback systems.

A brief guide on how to prepare your tracks for mastering:

1 - STEM-MASTERING ONLY: prepare a stem of your track (usually lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars, bass, bass drum, snare drum, drums & perc, synths and keys, sfx);

2 - Any personal requests- how do you envision your track sounding?

3 - Export your WAV-file (24 bit/44.1 KHz or better) and name the track 

     (for example MyBand-MySong-143BPM.wav)  and put it in the folder.

4 - Add a reference track (if necessary).

5 - Compress the folder into a .zip or .rar file and send it to  our email:

     or upload using the button below.

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